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This is a financial annex established by the College Board. It is similar to FAFSA, but requires more detailed information about the income and financial needs of the family. It is mainly used in higher education institutions such as Yale and Harvard, as these schools correspond to 100% of the financial needs without student loans. These schools will find a way to release students from school, but they need to know detailed information about the student’s family income. To populate the CSS profile, you must first register for the College Board account Login page requests some basic information, including: Contact information Information on secondary school User name/password Parent name and e-mail address (optional) This data is used only to create a College Board account. You may need to enter some of these information in your CSS profile. Questions related to CSS profiles associated with students arise in several parts of the application. The application will prompt some details before determining whether the student is independent or dependent. Early issues include: Contact information Status of citizenship Military status (veteran or current) Do you have any legal dependencies, not including your spouse? Are you currently in the State House, homeless, foster families or are considered to be released by the court? Depending on the answers to these questions, the CSS profile will decide whether you are dependent or independent. If you are a dependent, your parents will need to fill in the next set of CSS profile questions before you complete the application. If you are not dependent, the CSS profile does not require any information about your parents. He will skip the second set of student questions. These include: Status of employment Return tax status (registered, file will, etc.) The data in the sales tax form (which includes the line of required information from the sales tax form) Current and projected income information (income in summer and school income is kept separately) Other sources of income or profits If the student is considered independent, parents may not need to provide information for the CSS profile. Most claimants are considered to be dependent, so parental authority must be fully part of the application. Their income will be used to determine how much money the family has to contribute to the education of the student Note that the CSS profile will be requested from all parents, including the fathers and deceased parents. They will only require information about the income for one set of parents if the student spends most of his time in the same family. If this is equally divided, both sets of parents will provide income information. Some colleges require one set of parent objects to create a separate CSS profile. Here are some questions related to the CSS profile for parents: Country of residence Social security number The status of the job (self-employed, full time, hours of work, etc.) The registration status of the sales tax Tax form issues marked with the line (Ex: Form 1040, Line 9a) Information on income, including income, which cannot be included in the tax forms Projected income for the coming year (for display if the income is stable or different by year) Housing issues, including the year in which the house was purchased, as a house credit, how many mortgage payments and the current market value of the house Other issues related to assets, including investment, savings, business ownership, etc Copies of tax returns, W-2 forms, income tax returns and other documents can be used at school. This will occur at the end of the application. Documents are usually submitted through the College’s College of Institutional Documentation (IDOC) There is a small section in the CSS profile for additional questions about the farm. They help the financial aid departments see how far the family should go every month. The questions will be filled with: A list of dependent in the household, including other college students Every class at school Changes in employment Scholarships that students earn or earn High medical and dental costs Relatives who go to a private school Sponsor information Care costs (if the parent lives in the house or depends on the parent’s income) Financial support from other family members Non-recurrent income or expenditure There is also a section for “others”, which may include any other information that the family has to provide. Institutional issues are issues that have been added by the college. Some colleges have provided additional information to further assess the financial needs of the student. It may include information about the vehicle, the details of the loans of equity and others. These issues are usually optional, but are recommended, if applicable The CSS profile issues change from year to year. This information applies to the 2018-2019 CSS profile