In september of this year, you could have missed the most recent news

Your message about some of the biggest student news stories you might have missed in September of this year

Going back to school can be easy, but this time of year also means

Students and professors received all kinds of newspaper news, protests, parties and social networking events this month. Here's your brief guide on some of the student news stories

The professor is randomly seatled at the front of his class

Do you know this most awkward time of your past that accidentally crawled into your head at night? You can feel a little better, because it's probably worse

Since the morning lecture began, the professor of psychology at the UTCC shared his screen with a class of 500 people

In fact, we are not going to post a video of this event in the format of the NSFW. Just trust us, it's the same as you think

Some of them argued that it was a trick that was part of his class, but in the absence of an official statement, we would just have to think about what really happened

Ontario students can't run a test

Even if you're not in Ontario, you probably heard that the conservative government can't put the clock on the floor. To be more specific, they reimplement the curriculum for the last time in 1998!

It's under the guise of having parents first, but shouldn't it be as important as having sex with the students? They must understand that not talking about sex means that no one will ever have it. Because we all know how well this works

Regardless of whether these students really are not being treated as social networks, consol and sex, or they just wanted to get out of class, they still deserve a joke to get involved

Fake "Wild" westerer "Wild"

Now to protest another sort. UWO students did not feel that their administration had decided to move to a place closer to the middle in not a very fine attempt to limit the park. Their solution? (ALL)

While the police first tried to control the massive street parties in Brogdale, they were quickly overwhelmed. The resulting number was more than 20,000, resulting in dozens of students being sent to hospital and hundreds of fines

The residents are dissatisfied with the need for their taxes to pay for all the extra police, the school is angry that they are still out of control, and the students are angry that their return to their homeland has been spoiled

No matter what you think of this nature at universities, it is obvious that the more school tries to force the problem, the harder it will be for her to rise. Looks like they're gonna have to try a new solution next year or even more than FoCo

Son-High Schools Un-ban Social Media

The school board found that more than 20% of the daily work of Wi-Fi was directed exclusively to Snapchat, Instagram and Netflix. The Internet was so bad that it was difficult for staff to even do their job

The solution is to upgrade the network and temporarily prevent access to sites (even for teachers and official accounts) until the upgrade is complete. Of course, this short project took longer than expected. Now the new network means more bandwidth for everyone, so that all social networks are on the menu again

Do people really watch Netflix in class?

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